I'll Watch the Moon

I ll Watch the Moon Award winning novelist Ann Tatlock once again lovingly crafts a story that will touch readers hearts while illuminating a powerful spiritual truth I ll Watch the Moon is the story of Catherine Tierney

  • Title: I'll Watch the Moon
  • Author: Ann Tatlock
  • ISBN: 9780764227646
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Award winning novelist Ann Tatlock once again lovingly crafts a story that will touch readers hearts while illuminating a powerful spiritual truth I ll Watch the Moon is the story of Catherine Tierney, angry at a God whom she no longer believes exists, and her painful journey back to faith It is also the story of her friendship with Josef Karski, who teaches her how toAward winning novelist Ann Tatlock once again lovingly crafts a story that will touch readers hearts while illuminating a powerful spiritual truth I ll Watch the Moon is the story of Catherine Tierney, angry at a God whom she no longer believes exists, and her painful journey back to faith It is also the story of her friendship with Josef Karski, who teaches her how to trust in God as he reveals his own story of surviving the horrors of Auschwitz And finally, it is the story of Nova Tierney, Catherine s daughter, and the threads that bind their lives together Ann Tatlock has skillfully and gracefully woven a tale you won t soon forget.

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    One thought on “I'll Watch the Moon”

    1. "Funny how a grain of hope can manage to eclipse a whole world of dispair."There are some days where I believe I'll never read an amazing book again. A lot I enjoy or like, but to truly feel as I did while reading this one is a rare treasure. It's absolutely beauitful!!!! It's emotional and heartfelt. The author understands human nature perfectly and describes life in the most precise words, as well as giving each character something from their past that affected them. Each has a story. Each are [...]

    2. Well, I kind of didn't make my way slowly through this book as I said I would try to - I know I didn't!! It only took me four days to finish, but it could have been shorter if I wanted it to! Yes, I loved it and it's hard to put a review in words for such a wonderful book!The characters:It's hard not to love all the main characters, even Clyde!! I promise you will be drawn in by all of them and if you aren't, I don't know what I will say! ;)Nova - so sweet! As the main character, she was a speci [...]

    3. Beautiful! There is a lot of heartbreak in this book, but it is not depressing at all. It explained so well the concepts of faith in God and giving our will up to His greater understanding. I also learned a lot about life in America post WWII and during the polio epidemic. Highly recommended read!I had many favorite quotes. Here are a few"But then what do you do?""I pray for strength."The words were simple, straightforward. Josef pushed against the floor with one foot and the swing moved back an [...]

    4. Lovely, unaffected writing, quietly moving, simply profound, told through the eyes of a 9-year old girl in 1948 about love and loss and hope and faith and things too clouded by self and suffering for humans to understand clearly this side of heaven. Loved it!

    5. I loved this story set in post World War II Minnesota. 9 year old Nova struggles with the hard realities of losing her father, an angry mother and a sick brother. I was heartbroken by the up close and personal look at the devastation of flu epidemics, polio epidemics and war. I loved watching Nova's growing faith and was so grateful for Josef, recently freed from the death camps of Europe, the man who had lost all of his family, but who through providence, came into their lives and helped them c [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. I thought the history, especially of the experience of those affected by polio, was fascinating. I also really enjoyed the various characters that Nova came in contact with through the story as well.I loved most how Josef's story was told: through Nova's memories as a 9 year old girl, and then filling in the details her mother gave her at the end of Catherine's life. I think this story resonated with me so much because it talks about what I think it's safe to say most [...]

    7. I do enjoy grown up books which are narrated by children. Although this was bit of a slower pace, it had a lovely message and is a story which I will definitely be thinking about for a while. I look forward to reading more by Ann Tatlock.

    8. Wow, I can't believe I've never read one of Tatlock's novel before this! This story is sad and heart-wrenching, but so uplifting and life-affirming. I am very glad I picked this up as a Kindle freebie!!

    9. This is my kind of book! A well written, history based story, that is also uplifting and faith promoting. The story takes place in Minnesota, during the 1940’s polio epidemic, and it masterfully explores the spiritual journey of those dealing with immense pain, suffering, and loss. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:“I decided that faith must be the strongest thing in the world, because an ounce of it can change the course of an entire life.” Nova Tierney “And if I curse God, Mrs. Tier [...]

    10. This was my first Ann Tatlock novel, and I loved it so much I'm determined to read everything she has written. Loved the child's first-person voice, the character development for the entire cast, the history, the emotions The prose was so beautiful, the pacing very well done, and with a perfect blend of action and introspection. I'm so impressed with this author. Delighted to have discovered her.

    11. I loved this story. It took place in St. Paul,MNright in my backyard. It is a heartwarming story of survival in the aftermath of WWII and during the polio outbreaks.

    12. This is the kind of book by Ann Tatlock that made me fall in love with her writing! Wow! I cannot think of a single thing about this book I didn't like. Her ability to weave words, thoughts, characters lives, and emotions together is a masterful work of art.The majority of the book is set in 1948, Minnesota during the heartbreaking years of polio. Catherine is a single mom with two children, living with an aunt, helping with a boarding house. Dewey is the older brother of Nova, who loves her bro [...]

    13. In the summer of 1948, 9 year old Nova Teirney and her 13 year old brother Dewey are living a happy life. They are living with their widowed mother in Aunt Dortha's boarding house along with an interesting assortment of boarders.Dewey loves astronomy, and dreams of someday walking on the moon. Along with Nova, they spend many summer nights looking at the night sky together with his telescope in the back yard. When Dewey is hospitalized, Nova promises to watch the moon for him until he is well.No [...]

    14. Just like the first time I read Ann Tatlock's books, my love for her works grows with each book I read. This is a beautiful story, a beautiful love story. As Tag (Nova) explains in the beginning of the book, it's not a love story in the sense of telling how a man and woman fell in love and lived happily ever after. It's a story that shows the complex, myriad forms of love in some of the toughest circumstances. Tatlock doesn't sugar coat the harsh realities of life (infidelity, German death camps [...]

    15. This is a heart warming, beautifully written gem of a book with an uplifting and faith promoting message about the power of love and hope. The characters are varied, endearing, and unforgettable. I want to hug every one of them. The late 1940's story, told from a young girl's perspective, sometimes made me laugh out loud, at other times tugged at my heart strings, and constantly kept me wondering what would happen next. I will definitely be reading more of Tatlock's books. Audio version exceptio [...]

    16. This is one of those little treasures that seems to have gotten little attention, but deserves more. The setting is 1948 in a small town of Minnesota. Nova is 9, and loves nothing as much as being with her brother, Dewey. Surprisingly, he enjoys her tag-along company and is just the perfect big brother. But there are dark days ahead, for Dewey gets the "crippler" polio, and Nova is left to battle her fears and hopes on her own. Of course, she's not quite alone. In the boarding house where she li [...]

    17. I usually take forever reading a book, but I couldn't put this one down. I fell in love with the characters and wanted to learn more about them. This book is written through the eyes of a young girl whose family consists of her widowed mother and brother who are living with the mother's sister in a boarding house in the post-World War II, polio scare era. The young girl sees changes in her mother as her mother becomes acquainted with a Polish man who is a boarder, a survivor of Aushwitz and Dach [...]

    18. I was ready to quit after about the first third of this book as I found it slow and boring. I am so glad I didn't because once the story picks up I found it very good. It was full of interesting characters that you learned more about as the story went along and was filled with poignant aspects. One particular quote summed up the message of this story: "There is so much of suffering that I will never even begin to understand. But I am content in believing that I don't have to understand why the s [...]

    19. I have been in an Ann Tatlock binge lately. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the rich cast of characters. It reminded me of "To Kill a Mockingbird" due to the female narrator and her love and awe for her older brother while a deeper story was being set into action. I DO wish that there was a bit more of a resolution of the theme throughout the book. The author is revisiting the age old issue of a good God in a hurting world. There are vague glimpses of a resolution in the end, but nothing as [...]

    20. This may be my favorite Ann Tatlock book though it's hard to rank them. She is a lovely writer with a lyrical style that touches my spirit. I highly recommend this story about a young girl whose topsy-turvy world is further devastated when her brother is hospitalized for polio. She's a thoughtful child who finds kinship with a Holocaust survivor. I think Ms. Tatlock's greatest skill, aside from her distinctive voice, is her ability to "become" her character and present deep perspectives while st [...]

    21. I loved this book.e dialogues are reminiscent of those in To Kill A Mockingbirdmple, truthfulfamily filled and loving. Lots of history regarding not just concentration camps but the polio epidemic as well as the earlier Spanish Flu epidemic illnesses I really didn't know much about. Love of familyholding onto ones faith.kes this a glorious read!

    22. I listened to an eaudio of this, narrated by Christina Moore. It was sad, but I enjoyed it. I had never read anything about the polio epidemic in the early 1900's. I'm glad that I was born after the polio vaccine was created.

    23. The intertwining of the characters is what grabbed my attention at the beginning and then their personal stories was told in such a way that it blended so well with the main story and I couldn't put the book down. Inspirational, emotional, educational and purely entertaining.

    24. It's out of print so I had to find it on-line. Absolutely a touching story. Have a kleenex ready.

    25. I loved the book.There is something different about this book.It delineated human emotion common to all.I want to read more from this author.

    26. This book has characters and stories I loved and that will stay will me for a long time. The story of the Rabbi and his desire to be God so he would understand will, I hope, remain a part of my life forever! I love it when fiction tells truth and this book did that for me. I also was forever researching Polio and Iron Lungs--another thing I love about fiction is when I search for truth because of what I read in a fictional book. I didn't realize adults could catch it, but it was more deadly to c [...]

    27. I was undecided at first whether to give this book a 4 or 5 star ratinga 5 rating from me is hard to come by. But as I reviewed the parts of the book I highlighted, I realized that the stories within the story struck a chord deep within med I knew this was a book I would heartily recommend to others. It's a story of hardship, of hope, of faith, and of love for one another. Ms. Tatlock drew me in with her description of a time before modern healthcarewhere polio was rampantd methods of care and o [...]

    28. Excellent Historical FictionAnn Tatlock is a new favorite author of mine! I've read books she has written about the Depression and about the late 1960's, as well as this book about the Post-war era. All were historically accurate, as well as excellent stories! She is a Christian author. So you don't have to worry about bad language or sexual situations. However, they deal with tough issues. So I would not recommend them for children. Some middle-school students might be able to handle them, alon [...]

    29. In her book, "I'll Watch The Moon," Ann Tatlock has created memorable characters: a Polish war refugee, an aspiring astronomer who contracts polio, a hardened mother who has seen too much of the gall of life, and Nova, a ten-year-old girl who loves them all. I resonated with this book because of the post-World War 2 setting and because polio touched my own family during that era. i loved the life lessons, the characters, the poignancy of the title itself as Nova watches the moon her adored broth [...]

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