Absolute Power

Absolute Power In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb a man and a woman start to make love trapping a burglar behind a secret wall Then the passion turns deadly and the witness is running into the

  • Title: Absolute Power
  • Author: David Baldacci Scott Brick
  • ISBN: 9781607883234
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Audiobook
  • In a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping a burglar behind a secret wall Then the passion turns deadly, and the witness is running into the night Because what he has just seen is a brutal slaying involving the president of the United States Luther Whitney is the career breakin artist who s in the wrong place aIn a heavily guarded mansion in a posh Virginia suburb, a man and a woman start to make love, trapping a burglar behind a secret wall Then the passion turns deadly, and the witness is running into the night Because what he has just seen is a brutal slaying involving the president of the United States Luther Whitney is the career breakin artist who s in the wrong place at the wrong time Alan Richmond is the charming U.S president with the power to commit any crime And Jack Graham is the young attorney caught in a vortex between absolute truth andabsolute power.

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      161 David Baldacci Scott Brick
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    One thought on “Absolute Power”

    1. I read this some 15 years ago and it's a must for all lovers of thriller and sinister suspense books.It's an adrenaline filled read, starting from the first scene when Luther, a petty thief, witnesses the POTUS committing murder. Thereon, it's a race to ensure he does not become the next victim. Absolute Power and The Winner are, undoubtedly, some of Baldacci's best work.

    2. This is probably my favourite of Baldacci's novels. Absolute Power is slick, swift and daring in its plot of corruption, murder, litigious attorneys and the dark side to wealth and cash.

    3. David Baldacci's Absolute Power has a decent story, but it was hard for me to enjoy because I found the writing so hackneyed that it distracted me from the plot. Here's a representative descriptive passage:At the sound of the explosion, the playing stopped as three pairs of eyes turned as one toward the house. In another minute they were inside. It only took one more minute for the screams to be heard. The quiet neighborhood was no more.Forget, for a moment, the clumsy use of the passive voice i [...]

    4. ** my second read **A Virginia Burglar, Luther Whitney(66 - Clint Eastwood in the movie) made a surveillance & break into the Sullivan family's rich home. US President, Alan Richmond(40 - Gene Hackman in the movie) takes drunk Christine Sullivan to her house for sex. From a closet in her house, Luther watches them fight, Alan's slashed with letter opener & Christine's killed by 2 Secret Service men, Tim Collin & Bill Burton. Gloria Russell(37), President Chief of Staff took the "bloo [...]

    5. Meh. Relatively quick-paced action, clichéd kind of mystery thriller crime guns Yank stuff. The distraction I needed but nothing more substantial. For what it is it is pretty much a 5-star thing, but in my opinion it is hardly that.

    6. I think this may not be a 'great' novel and has probably been panned by those far more astute than I, but I loved it. I was about 100 pages into in when I started on my trip of 1 one hour flight, 1 one hour layover and 1 five hour flight. It totally kept my interest until I finished the last page as we landed at my home airport. A veteran burglar chooses the wrong mansion to rob on the wrong night and witnesses the President of the United States trying to kill his sex partner and his secret serv [...]

    7. "Absolute Power" illustrates what it is I like best about David Baldacci's books: the perfect balance and blend of action and storyline. Rare is the storyteller that can capture the attention of my military fiction loving - action-craving husband, and at the same time provide enough compelling plot and character development to have me turning pages long into the night.With the exception of his "Camel Club" series (if you haven't read them - run - go - find them now), "Absolute Power" is my favor [...]

    8. This was a real page turner I couldn't put it down, as with all political thrillers they can be difficult to follow at times and this was no exception but the story was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. I'd seen the film many years before and could only remember bits of it so not sure how much it ties to the book but I know I did enjoy watching it. I would recommend this book, it is quite long but powerful and a real eye opener into the world of Americal presidential politics.

    9. I loved this book, it grabbed me from the start and made me want to continue reading. A well-crafted story, strong characters that are believable and easy to visualise. An interesting story line that is different to the usual thrillers. Lots of twists and turns and worth the read.

    10. Somehow I missed this book when I started reading Baldacci. I am glad I saw it on ! It was a page turner from the start to the end. If you haven't read it,put it on top of your "to read" list!

    11. America এর প্রেসিডেন্ট নিঃসন্দেহে বর্তমান দুনিয়াতে সবচেয়ে ক্ষমতাধর ব্যক্তি হিসাবে স্বীকৃত সেটা আসল দুনিয়াতেই হোক আর ফিকশনের দুনিয়াতেই হোক।ক্ষমতা এমন এক জিনিস যেটা যোগ্যা মানুষকে করে শক্তিশ [...]

    12. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; DECEMBER 4, 2015Narrator: Scott BrickI was thrilled by this book right up to 70%. Then I began to tire, then wilt, then couldn't wait for it to end. The problem I have with Baldacci's first book is that it didn't have enough - or any! "hero" moments - those scenes where the hero comes to the rescue and the audience claps (at least, in Asia back in the 60s) or the US cavalry finally came. There was none of that here. The evil POTUS had the upper hand all the way and the good [...]

    13. This book had a great premise and overall was good. I felt like there were too many subplots and it didn't get all wrapped and tied together neatly like in some other authors' books. I also didn't care of all of the bad language in it. I know that is lame to some and that sometimes that type of language is used to define a character, but it shouldn't be every character.Spoiler alert:The part of this book I disliked the most is the lack of Luther being in it. He had next to no dialogue, other tha [...]

    14. Not sure how I missed David Baldacci's first book, ABSOLUTE POWER! However, have seen the movie several times over the years with, Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood, and Ed Harris (1997). A career thief witnesses a horrific crime involving the U.S. President.From the mansionin Virginia, the sexual scandal, passion turned violent, a burglar behind a wall. Passion turns deadly involving the President of US. A witness. New meaning to the wrong place, at the wrong time. Corruption, conspiracy, scandal. A [...]

    15. I've enjoyed books by Baldacci in the past, but this one is awful. First, the writing is garbage: it reads at a fifth-grade level, uses fifth grade vocabulary (+ cussing), is frequently grammatically incorrect, and consists of cliched, trite, unoriginal phrasings. Second, Baldacci comes off as arrogant, misogynistic, morbidly fascinated by violence, especially against women, and overall like a person I would definitely NOT want to know; yes, his characters are detestable, but his *enjoyment* in [...]

    16. This is the book that got David Baldacci started in his writing career and for a first book I thought it was his best. I'd seen the movie Absolute Power with Clint Eastwood then I'd decided to read the book and I thought the book was a lot better. It follows the same plot line as the movie but it has many differences in it. It's about a long time thief named Luther Whitney who is in the middle of robbing a rich couple's home and he witnesses a murder and the man involved with it is the President [...]

    17. I spotted a 20th Anniversary edition of Baldacci's first book in my local library and realised that I had never read it (although I had seen the Clint Eastwood film)A well constructed plot idea in the first place and well written for a first novel, the book is probably a little too long and the ending does not really build to a crescendo, so 4 stars for me not quite 5

    18. I am not sure how I felt about ABSOLUTE POWER. I have read several books by Baldacci, but this one seemed different. I rated it 4 out 5. It definitely grabbed my attention right at the beginning and kept me engaged. However, strictly my opinion, the story dragged out longer than it had to. The story line was busy and there was a lot of different characters popping up. Also, there were scenes it the story that did not have a great deal of significance with the story line.The book started out with [...]

    19. This was my first audio book. I had a long car ride (14ish hours each way) for the Thanksgiving holiday, and found this at a great used bookstore, reasonably priced and 19 hours in duration. Having heard good things about Baldacci but never read him, this seemed promisingIt was disappointing. This is a novel without any mystery or suspense. The reader watches the crime occur and then endures 900 pages of characters stumbling to figure out what we already know. The characters are flat and stereot [...]

    20. The President of the country uses all his resources to cover up a murder blamed on a witness whose identity is unknown to him, but he knows he is out there. He has the loyalty of his protectors if not their respect. Mingled into the story is the witness's daughter and her ex fiancee , their relationship, and the relationship between the father and daughter. It is an easy read but I never identified with any of the characters which almost always prevents me from getting lost in a book.

    21. Absolutely LOVED this book. What a great storyline. I want to say more, but can't say much for fear of spoilers. I will say this. President thinks he can get away with ANYTHING! Killing doesn't matter, the secret must stay that.a secret. Sorry, that's about all i've got. It's a good story. Very plausible, very suspenseful. Highly recommended.

    22. My first David Baldacci. I didn't realize, until after the first page, that it was a movie I'd seen several times - and loved! So it was difficult seeing the characters NOT as the actors - I failed. Rushed through the book as it is a page turner. Howeverrrrrr, strange for me to say this, but I preferred the movie *shock* *horror*!

    23. I did not enjoy the hopeless, helpless, anxious, unlucky, victim feel for most of the book. I also had problems with the narratorVIEWER’S OPINION:Bad things keep happening to good guys. I didn’t have anybody to root for or to be excited for. No good guy was smart enough. The bad guys kept outsmarting the good guys. And luck was on the side of the bad guys. I never smiled while reading this book. My feelings were unpleasant. One night I had trouble sleeping because I was anxious and worried a [...]

    24. I listened to this book on audio CD while driving across country to a trade show. Having read some of Mr. Baldacci's later works, I was curious to go back a couple of decades to an earlier novel.Overall, Absolute Power is a serviceable political thriller. As usual, Mr. Baldacci does an excellent job with character building - a strength of any good novel and certainly well done here. If you don't hate Alan Richmond by the end of this book, you haven't been paying attention. The supporting cast is [...]

    25. Luther Whitney is a thief with a conscience. He's breaking into the home of a wealthy family in Washington D.C. when the woman of the house returns unexpectedly. He hides in the closet and she enters her room with her lover. The two way mirror lets Luther see the action as the sex turns rough and when the man can't perform due to his alcoholic state, she ridicules him. A struggle ensues and the woman picks up a letter opener and is approaching the man when two other people come into the room. Wh [...]

    26. I have never read a book by David Baldacci, nor have I seen the movie based on this book. The book was interesting enough to be enjoyable, but I didn’t love it. The concept that the President of the United States is involved in murder and cover up was very intriguing. Perhaps my hopes were too high. Baldacci does a great job introducing a larger number of characters, but does not give you the feeling that there are too many characters to keep straight.The story lines come together very well, b [...]

    27. A thief, Luther, got more than he bargained for when he visited a mansion in Virginia thinking he could make it out of there with a few prize pieces. He becomes trapped in the wall when two people being having an intimate moment. The shocking part is the murder that takes place and it has to do with the US president.Jack is an attorney and he is determined to find out what really happened that night. Who is telling the truth, a burglar or the man entrusted with the most powerful job in America?P [...]

    28. This has been a very nicely woven thriller , involving the President .The Writing is very good it captures you attention from the first scene . The opening scene is very well written where the thief breaks in the house and sees the woman being killed by the president . But i found that the story dragged on a bit long and there were many sub plots and so many characters at one point it all felt so improperly balanced towards the wrong side . There should have been some confrontation of the centra [...]

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