Cavalier Queen

Cavalier Queen It was Charles I s love for his Queen Henrietta Maria which plummeted England into the darkness of the Civil Wars but it was the love and loyalty of another man that sustained her through days of bet

  • Title: Cavalier Queen
  • Author: Fiona Mountain
  • ISBN: 9781848091689
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It was Charles I s love for his Queen Henrietta Maria which plummeted England into the darkness of the Civil Wars, but it was the love and loyalty of another man that sustained her through days of betrayal, destitution and death.Tall and brave, Harry Jermyn is captivated by the witty French princess, just fourteen years old when she sails with him to Dover, queen of a landIt was Charles I s love for his Queen Henrietta Maria which plummeted England into the darkness of the Civil Wars, but it was the love and loyalty of another man that sustained her through days of betrayal, destitution and death.Tall and brave, Harry Jermyn is captivated by the witty French princess, just fourteen years old when she sails with him to Dover, queen of a land she has never seen, of a people whose language she cannot speak, who despise her for her faith and wife of a king she has never met.Charles grows to love her but rebellion and the threat of execution force her into exile and into the arms of Harry, who risks his life for her sake Together they work for the royalist cause, pawning the crown jewels, securing men and arms and returning to England to lead an army south.As England is torn apart, Henrietta s heart is torn between the two men she loves, between duty and illicit passion The subject of dangerous gossip and public scandal, she is powerless to calm the storm which will lead to tragedy.

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    1. Although royal marriages were generally not love matches; the union of King Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France grew from tension into a strong, united bond. However, the heart wants what it wants and gossip had it that she only truly wanted one: Henry Jermyn. Fiona Mountain portrays this love triangle and Henrietta’s role in, “Cavalier Queen”.“Cavalier Queen” has an initial slow start barring the reader from getting into the story. Not only is the plot slow but Henrietta’s chara [...]

    2. I'm not one for rewriting the synopsis of a novel in a review, but I must say that this story of the marriage of Queen Henrietta Maria to King Charles I of England gives good insight into the tensions and politics that played out in 17th century England. It is beautifully researched and there's so much detail in the book that the reader almost gets lost in it instead of the story.(view spoiler)[ That being said, I feel there were a lot of liberties taken with Henrietta and Harry, and I feel like [...]

    3. c2011. DNF - oh, dear. This should have been just up my street - history with a bit of romance - especially this period butoh dear.I just could not summon the enthusiasm to get past the first 3rd of the book. I eventually gave up just as Henrietta was about to go to England for the first time. I was bored, frankly, and also getting tired of the repetitive descriptions of her smallness, cleverness, prettiness and, oh and er smallness. Alison Weir has been quoted as saying "A major new talent in t [...]

    4. I liked this book. Despite it being a decent size, it took me very few reading sessions to get through. And I was kind of disappointed once it was over.Oddly, it was the middle section of the book that I enjoyed the most. In the beginning of the book, I felt a bit like I was being told a lot about Henrietta's character without being really shown it, which frustrated me. Then towards the end of the book it began to read more like a long epilogue, which is, I guess, a great risk in historical fict [...]

    5. Ok so this is the second time I have had to type out this review, which is making me feel even less charitable towards it than I was when I started this. This book barely gets three stars. More like a 2.5, maybe less. There are times I wanted to throw it across the room and only the fact that it isn't actually my book stopped me. Arrrrgghhhhh.My first problem can be found before you even open the book. The blurb states that the marriage of Henrietta Maria and Charles I 'becomes one of the greate [...]

    6. Yet another ECW novel that gets it all wrong. I find the idea that Henry Jermyn was the father of Henrietta Maira's children difficult to give any credence and Mountain's portrayal of Charles owes more to homophobia (misplaced as its in fact very unlikely [but not impossible] that the relationship between Buckingham and Charles was sexual and the real problems in the marriage came from the political problems of the french alliance not working) and the (inaccurate) view of Charles as a crippled w [...]

    7. ‘Cavalier Queen’ is the first book I have read by Fiona Mountain – but it won’t be the last!The English Civil War is a fascinating period of history, but the focus is usually on King Charles, or Oliver Cromwell, or Parliament. This book has a different perspective, focusing on Queen Henrietta Maria, her arranged marriage to the king, and her support for him during the war. I previously had only a superficial knowledge of Henrietta Maria’s life and loves, but this book has brought her t [...]

    8. I read Cavalier Queen having already studied the English Civil War extensively so I knew my stuff. I found that this novel was a brilliant piece of historical fiction but that's what it is fiction, whilst it was impressive at the number of facts Mountain had got into this book, the main thread, the romance between Henrietta and Henry is fiction, we do not know any of this for sure and I felt that maybe it was taken too far and some of the aspects Mountain writes about just would not have happene [...]

    9. I never knew thatThat is the way I should always start a review of a novel about a character I have only ever come across as a supporting actor in other stories. I knew nothing about Henriette Marie before reading this but I am certainly interested in learning more now. She is an interesting, if not particularly likeable, character who played an enormous part in English history, if this book is to be believed. Fiona Mountain's take on the lives of Henriette Marie and her husband Charles I is int [...]

    10. While a decent read, I must admit that I only finished it out of pure determination. I was very bored with the lead character, Henrietta, throughout the whole story and considered giving it up for a lost cause. It did pick up in part 3 when the story turned towards the war and Henrietta's mind became aware of more than frivolous games and gossip and whether Harry loves her as much as she loves him. It was exhausting (although accurate) to be stuck in the mind of a spoilt teenage girl and nothing [...]

    11. Beautiful, beautiful story. Fiona Mountain has made Henrietta Maria quite the heroine. A true woman of power, strength and beauty to survive the hardest time in English history. Her relationships with Charles, slightly pitiful, and the breath taking relationship with her favorite and friend and lover and man she can never fully have reaches such a tearful climax that even I couldn't stop crying. Love is the most powerful force in this world and these characters, particularly Henrietta and Harry, [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading this book. I studied the English Civil War in A level History but we did little about the wife of Charles I. I knew that she was Catholic and this was a factor in the Civil War but I knew little else. This book has been really interesting. When I got to the part about the start of the Civil War and during it I thought it was going to get boring and talk about it a lot. But luckily it didn't talk about the battles so much and much more about her role. I didn't know about the Que [...]

    13. Primarily, this is a love story between a strong and determined woman, and the two men who loved her.Henrietta- Maria, a Bourbon princess, was only 15 when she was married, by proxy, to Charles I of England, The marriage,initially difficult, eventually blossomed into a strong and tender partnership. However, this novel also focuses on Henrietta-Maria's life long association, and possible love affair, with one of her courtiers,Henry Jermyn.Overall, I thought it was a well thought out historical s [...]

    14. Exceptional novel which introduced me to my favorite historical character besides Queen Elizabeth Tudor. I remember strolling through Windsor castle where i found a painting of a beautiful lady hanging in the presence chamber (as far as i recall). I never quite knew who she was at the time, with her solemn eyes gazing upon me. However, when i revisited the castle i purposefully went towards that same painting, knowing well who she was and the story behind those eyes. I am not going to discuss he [...]

    15. The past is a different country, of which this author does not seem sufficiently informed in some ways. For instance, she has Henrietta Maria enjoy her stay at Blenheim, describing the palace and its grounds to a Tgardless of the fact that it was not in fact built until early the next century. Also, a queen or princess in those days was never without her retinue, so some of the scenes taking place between HM and her love interest and the ease with which they find each other alone all the time ar [...]

    16. I'd never read anything about Henrietta before so I found the historical story of she and Charles I fascinating and it plugged the gap between what I knew of the Gunpowder Plot and the time of Oliver Cromwell. As a fictional novel, this is a well-told story albeit from a highly romanticised point of view and romps along at a good pace to keep things interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has piqued my interest in reading a bit more about this lesser known figure in England's history.

    17. Love this. It tells the story of Henrietta Maria, wife and Queen of Charles I. Through love, civil war and ultimately death, it is utterly gripping from start to finish. Another to add to my list of historical novels for my challenge, this one I could not put down! It is also a period of history I was not as familiar with - most of the historical novels that I read, based around the monarchy, are set around the Tudor period Highly recommended!

    18. I enjoyed this book. It made a change from the style of books I had been reading and I hadnt read a historical novel in a while. Gives a good insight into the life of Charles I and his French wife. Essentially a romance novel but with the additional historical backdrop. Enjoyed it possibly more because Im currently teaching the topic. Very similar in style to the Phillippa Gregory books.

    19. I found it took a while to get into this book, the style was a little overblown for me. Henrietta had an interesting life and I got a good feel for her character. In general though I would have preferred more civil war and less romance. There were great bits of the book but also a lot of over the top scenes and continuity errors.

    20. Fiona Mountain choose a challenging individual living at an interesting time, but The Cavalier Queen is an unsatisfying book. Henrietta Maria comes across as a spoilt, whiny woman - which I suppose might be historically accurate, but makes it very hard to enjoy the book.

    21. I loved this book. I would never leave the house if all books were this good. It was a very large book but I finished in three days and I was committed to the very last word.

    22. An historical novel, but more history than novel, and the novel part dominated by Mills & Boon romance. I didn't enjoy this as much as The Lady of the Butterflies

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