Shakespeare This legendary book by an esteemed poet and beloved professor at Columbia University features a series of smart witty deeply perceptive essays about each of Shakespeare s plays together with a furt

  • Title: Shakespeare
  • Author: Mark Van Doren
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  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • This legendary book by an esteemed poet and beloved professor at Columbia University features a series of smart, witty, deeply perceptive essays about each of Shakespeare s plays, together with a further discussion of the poems Writing with an incomparable knowledge of his subject but without a hint of pedantry, Van Doren elucidates both the astonishing boldness and myriaThis legendary book by an esteemed poet and beloved professor at Columbia University features a series of smart, witty, deeply perceptive essays about each of Shakespeare s plays, together with a further discussion of the poems Writing with an incomparable knowledge of his subject but without a hint of pedantry, Van Doren elucidates both the astonishing boldness and myriad subtleties of Shakespeare s protean art His Shakespeare is a book to be treasured by both new and longtime students of the Bard.

    Shakespeare Online In depth and accurate Shakespeare information, including free play analysis, Shakespeare s biography, essays, answers to common Shakespeare questions, and a William Shakespeare Visit this site dedicated to the playwright William Shakespeare and his famous works William Shakespeare plays like Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth and the Tempest. William Shakespeare Biography and Works Search Texts William Shakespeare Biography of William Shakespeare and a searchable collection of works. Shakespeare SparkNotes Understand Shakespeare s plays and sonnets with SparkNotes translations, plot summaries, character lists, quotes, lists of themes and symbols, and . William Shakespeare Biography Biography William Shakespeare baptized on April , April , was an English playwright, actor and poet who also known as the Bard of Avon and often Shakespeare s Plays The complete texts of Shakespeare plays with explanatory notes. Shakespeare s Sonnets An excellent book which explores the close relationship between Southwell and Shakespeare There are verbal parallels, echoes and borrowings from Southwell by William Shakespeare Poet Academy of American Poets William Shakespeare Poet William Shakespeare, regarded as the foremost dramatist of his time, wrote than thirty plays and than one hundred sonnets, all BBC iWonder William Shakespeare The life and legacy Shakespeare s plays are known for their universal themes and insight into the human condition Yet much about the playwright is a mystery. Hamlet Folger Library Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in April in the town of Stratford upon Avon, on England s Avon River When he was eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway.

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    One thought on “Shakespeare”

    1. I am going to come back and finish this when I've read the rest of the plays, and perhaps write a real review. I've read all the essays for all the plays I've read so far. For now, for those of you thinking about reading this, you absolutely should. And I hope all these quotes I have below convince you of why:Round I:On the sonnets: "By so much does the caliber of the sonnets at their best surpass in interest the crux of the occasion. At their poorest they are perhaps quite personal in the biogr [...]

    2. This is a wonderful work, but one that I can only recommend to people who have read Shakespeare's complete works. Reading these one at a time would hardly be beneficial, as much of his evaluation of Shakespeare's early plays and poetry rests heavily on references to their similarities to his later works. Van Doren's prose is both pretty and effective, never plain but never quite crossing over into overwriting. I found his essay on Hamlet to be at first a bit disappointing, but one of its main po [...]

    3. In Quiz Show, one of my favorite movies, Paul Scofield played Mark Van Doren as the epitome of kindly, bemused, genial learning, a scrupulous, drolly cultivated mind in humanist tweed (as opposed to the TV executives, all sheathed in sharkish blues, teals and grays). The scene where he finds out that his son cheated on the show is heartbreaking. Anyway, I love this book because reading it I hear and picture Scofield-as-Van Doren professing in an old Columbia lecture hall, a profound love of and [...]

    4. I will flat out recommend this to anyone who has just read the complete works, this is exactly what I wanted. Mark Van Doren gets down to business. Here is a collection of essays on average 10 pages dedicated to each play dedicating the same eye to each one. He focuses on language, character, and mood roughly in that order and how each relate to the other. He gives everything just enough attention, he doesn't dwell too long and he doesn't skimp either while delivering in readable yet eloquent pr [...]

    5. Van Doren, Mark. SHAKESPEARE. (1938). *****. Travel back with me to 1959, when I took an honors course in Shakespeare. The course was 17-weeks long and we read and studied seventeen of the plays. We spent more time on footnotes than we did on the main texts – which caused me to eschew Shakespeare for the rest of my life. What a treat it would have been to have taken Professor Van Doren’s course instead. This book, an essential reference work that belongs on everyone’s shelf, presents his c [...]

    6. This book is actually kind of cool, especially if you've been out of school for awhile or haven't taken any adult education classes recently. It's sort of like having that stodgy, tweed-wearing lit. Prof. right there in your very hands. Sure, it's old school, but Van Doren knows his stuff. It's based on close reading and not some post-post-post whatever, where things start off interesting and then you end up asking yourself, "where am I? what does this have to do with Shakespeare? Why did I have [...]

    7. I love the introduction--Van Doren tells the reader exactly what his analyses will be: close readings and some reader response theory without a hint of biography, historical context, or any of the "isms" (marx, femin, formal, etc.). The handful of play analyses that I have read so far have given me new insights to Shakespeare's works. My only quibble is that each analysis is so short (an average of 10-15 pages) that I would love if he further developed many of his interpretations. He packs so ma [...]

    8. Van Doren analyzes every one of the plays in under 350 pages, but this very concise work is never simplistic. Subtle, vigorous, evocative--if you want to understand Shakespeare's achievement, this book seems ideal to me. (Van Doren is most remembered these days as the father of his cheating quiz-show contestant son, but he was an accomplished poet and, as a Columbia prof, was teacher to a murders row of future scholars and poets.)

    9. A very clear thinker and careful writer, Van Doren boils down the essence of many Shakespearean themes in the volume of essays. Timeo Hominem Unius Libri (Terence). Be sure to read widely in Shakespearean criticism.

    10. The essay on Hamlet is worth the price of the entire book. All lovers of Shakespeare need to read this book.

    11. Part of my near-term project to read Shakespeare's collected works.Essays read:PoemsHenry VIRichard IIITitus AndronicusThe Comedy of Errors: "If Shakespeare's spirit reposed in comedy it was not in this kind of comedy."The Taming of the Shrew: "even now (as in Much Ado About Nothing) he is master of the theme that lies in the war between love and pride, in the perhaps perversely fascinating spectacle of intellect and will being brought into line with instinct."

    12. My brain was able to retain little of this information. Reading this book did not bring me joy. I can see why others love this guy. His essays in this volume aren't long and you can read one during a lunch half hour, so I imagine the essay on a particular play would be the perfect thing after reading or seeing that play. But then again, maybe not. I read the book straight through, and it became tedious.

    13. Seemed to me one of the most intolerably pretentious and hollow books I've ever read. Consists mostly of lists of antonym pairs (cold heat, lead feathers) or paradoxical statements (it soars in its depths) which the author takes for profound insight. After a few of the essays, when I saw that this pattern would persist through the entirety, I set the book aside unfinished.

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