Outback Outback is the towering saga of the Garrity family whose founding father was the illegitimate son of a female convict Brought up in a Sydney orphanage Patrick Garrity left the brawling city to make

  • Title: Outback
  • Author: Aaron Fletcher Charles Copeland
  • ISBN: 9780843905335
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Outback is the towering saga of the Garrity family, whose founding father was the illegitimate son of a female convict Brought up in a Sydney orphanage, Patrick Garrity left the brawling city to make a life for himself in the vast back country of New South Wales.

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      176 Aaron Fletcher Charles Copeland
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    One thought on “Outback”

    1. Outback is the first of Aaron Fletcher's Austrailian saga and this first novel covers the founding of the Garrity family. Illegitimate son of a female convict from England, Patrick Garrity pulls himself up by his bootstraps to become owner of one of the largest (and richest) sheep stations in Australia. Covering the first two (and start of the third) generation to make the Garrity's fortune, the novel focuses more on the women who made it all happen.It's a compelling read, not one that requires [...]

    2. I really really really enjoy this book. The females are incredibly strong women, and the story is just transportive (yes, I just made that up). It draws you in and takes you through a lifetime and legacy.

    3. Excellent. I now really want to read more about this time period in Australia's history. The story focuses on three different generations of an Outback sheep raising family. I will look for more books by this author or on this subject.

    4. I no longer enjoy those complicated family sagas like I used to.ybe it's because I'm now the 'old' generation. Ha.

    5. Exellent book! Read it in two days(needed sleep). Very sorry when it ended. Now on to the rest of the series!

    6. Review of OutbackExcellent read,but too much attention small details for me.Enjoyed the attention to history. Interesting plots wovenInto the story

    7. Delightful, informativeI enjoyed learning more about Australia and its old and new culture.Its part of a series so start with the first.

    8. Excellent readingI've enjoyed this book for many years. I reread it every few years, it gets better with each reading, as I find more details I had missed.

    9. THE LAND WILL MOLD ITS PEOPLE INTO WHAT IT NEEDSAustralia is a land of contradictions, where rain forests are not that distant from the desert. At its heart, it is a vast island. The original human inhabitants lived in difficult partnership with the rugged land, their method of subsistence dependant on their location.Beginning after the American war for independence, the British court system established several penal colonies in specific parts of Australia. Although some sentences were for only [...]

    10. This book is the first of an Outback Series. What I mainly like about this book is that the author tells it as it may have been in those daysThe outback would have been a hard place to livee loneliness, the miles between stations, relying one another for their survival,Some of the characters you can warm to and others hard and unscrupulous. Yet in saying that I love the way the author takes the son of a convict and an aborigine girl put them together and started an empire and continues it on thr [...]

    11. A peak into life in the Australian OutbackI especially liked the descriptiveness of each life episode throughout the story. It held my interest from beginning to end. The use of the language of the Outback gave the story a unique feel. The transitions from one generation to the next were smoothy accomplished and tied the storylines together expertly. I wanted to move to the next event, the next chapter. I was not ready to reach the end of this adventure in the lives of the characters! A most enj [...]

    12. Displaying the strength of The Thornbird and filed with Australian folklore, AF provides his reader with an epic generational novel set in a vast station in New South Wales. The characters are bold and made this reader yearn for more. My only disappointment was the vast leaps in time from one generation to the next. I believe the novel would have benefitted from more elaboration of some of those skipped years.

    13. Outback was one of those books that you can't put down. The story was very interesting and I learned "a lot" about sheep farming. A lot of the Australian "language" was hard to understand but you can get an idea of what is being said. Living on a sheep station in the outback was very hard, especially on women, and this book made you feel as though you were right there with the women as they rose to the top. I enjoyed it.

    14. One perception of the history, settlement, and toughness of the people who settled the Australian Outback.A tough and raw rendition of one author's ideas on what was necessary to settle the Australian Outback. A story that takes and holds your interest until the last page. Love, birth, death, lawlessness, greed, grit, suffering, and the passing on of a special arduous way of life that grips you interest and holds on. Probably a more adult read than for teenagers.

    15. 'Outback' is the first in a five book series of historical fiction set during the early settlement of Australia. Since I have a passion for Australia, historical fiction, and just about any novel set in Australia, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I have all five books in this series on my two Kindles (my old Kindle Keyboard and my newer Kindle Fire) and am looking forward to reading the whole series this summer.

    16. No 1 of an Outback Series = hope the other two are as good! Very well written as to what the early settlement days were probably like - makes you feel like you were actually there! Great characters you can warm to and others very hard to like. It was great to see the son of a convict and an aborigine girl come together and begin an empire.

    17. Not a classic romance novel - which is the main reason I only did 3 stars - but covering the very rugged and different generations overseeing a homestead. Though I missed a romantic feel, it is a good novel and the author depicts the characters as I could easily imagine them to have been during the time period this took place. I appreciate this read.

    18. Good read! Much like a good western, but set in Australia with sheep instead of cows. Author uses a look of local slang which is challenging to read but educational. The story spans three generations but skips sections of time between each generation. Will read other works by Fletcher.

    19. A wonderful journey into the Australian outback.Well written adventure about the life and times , of a family whoToiled and struggled through three generations of running a sheepRanch. Very interesting and different. Good read.

    20. Awesome series. I read the first one and hoped to one day find the 2nd one. When I did it felt like Christmas. and then to find out there were others I was in 7th Heaven. THESE are the books that made me want to visit Australia.

    21. Must read!!!Unlike so many others, this book jumps right into the action and keeps it going from one page to the next. There's no good place to stop reading and put it down because there's something going on all the time

    22. My introductions to the Outback.An outstanding book to say the least. Very interesting and descriptive way to visit Australia long ago. Can't wait to start Mr. Fletcher next book. If you like some history with a captivating story read this book!

    23. Totally engrossed me.I generally enjoy stories about the outback, but as this spans generations, and has a strong woman in each, I find myself hating to finish it. I'm so lookin g forward to the sequel.

    24. Good on ya, mate!I just stumbled on this wonderful story of three generations in the Australian outback. The characters are vibrant, the story pulls you along, and in the end you come away with an authentic experience of that place and time.

    25. Loved the first part - the first generation, because it showed the life of Mayrah and how she felt being sold by her father to a non-aboriginal Patrick. Second part second generation not as interesting. Third part third generation I just read so I could say I finished the book.

    26. I love stories about Australia. Interesting story lines but it was badly written: difficult to read past the syntax, errors, and run-on sentences. Needed a proofreader and editor. It did hold my interest and I will continue with the series in hopes that the next book is easier to get through.

    27. I reread this first of a series after quite a few years. I don't know that I'll continue to read the rest of the series but it was well written. After awhile though the story lines were very similar.

    28. Breathtaking, magnificent bookUpdate: I finished this book days ago and I'm still homesick for it.

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