The Plague Lords of Ruel

The Plague Lords of Ruel The sole survivor of the Order of Kai the reader is asked to battle sinister killers the evil Cener Druids of Ruel who plan to release a deadly virus into the atmosphere

  • Title: The Plague Lords of Ruel
  • Author: Joe Dever
  • ISBN: 9780425132456
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sole survivor of the Order of Kai, the reader is asked to battle sinister killers, the evil Cener Druids of Ruel, who plan to release a deadly virus into the atmosphere.

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    1. Now that the Darklords have been destroyed forever, never again to corrupt the peaceful lives of Sommerlunders, one might think that you would be able to relax for a while; and, in fact, you have, taking the next five years to rebuild your land and unify the people to an extent that had been impossible when the threat of the Darklords still hung over everyone's heads. The peace is not a perfect one, however. When you hear that the Cener druids of Ruel are preparing to unleash a devastating plagu [...]

    2. I first encountered Lone Wolf over twenty-five years ago in Fire on the Water, the second book in the series and fell in love. I then bought or borrowed the rest of series up until the last twelfth book and through my childhood played and read through them many, many times.Then I discovered that there had been more written, but that I had never seen published and that they were coming back into print again. I was overjoyed. I purchased the first twelve in the series again in the new collector's [...]

    3. Une aventure intéressante, remplie d'action et de combat, où l'on sent pleinement la puissance de notre personnage rendu à cette étape de notre périple. Seule déception, un début lent et une fin un peu trop légère.

    4. Nuova saga che mi ha sorpreso. Non credevo si sarebbe andati oltre il volume 12. Bello sentire il potere del personaggio crescere ulteriormente, anche se i passaggi narrativi obbligati aumentano.

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