Blue Jelly: Love Lost & the Lessons of Canning

Blue Jelly Love Lost the Lessons of Canning Former Rolling Stone writer Debby Bull recovers from a broken heart by making jelly Though her boyfriend dedicates a novel to her and then leaves her in the middle of a party she gives to celebrate it

  • Title: Blue Jelly: Love Lost & the Lessons of Canning
  • Author: Debby Bull
  • ISBN: 9780786862559
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Former Rolling Stone writer Debby Bull recovers from a broken heart by making jelly Though her boyfriend dedicates a novel to her and then leaves her in the middle of a party she gives to celebrate its publication, she comes away from it all with than the bouquet of magazine scent strips that he left behind In attempting to get rid of his stuff, she discovers the ZeFormer Rolling Stone writer Debby Bull recovers from a broken heart by making jelly Though her boyfriend dedicates a novel to her and then leaves her in the middle of a party she gives to celebrate its publication, she comes away from it all with than the bouquet of magazine scent strips that he left behind In attempting to get rid of his stuff, she discovers the Zen of making jam, and through it the simple pleasure of creating a little world in which things turn out the way they re supposed to She shares her funny stories of love lost, the twisted road out of her depression and the advice she got from psychics and strangers Each of the chapters sees her go off in a new direction, looking for help in a different way, from dating again to taking a job, and sampling all the new cultural landscape has to offer to heal, from seeing a shrink to taking a seminar with a relationships guru After years in New York and a move to Montana, Bull finds herself suddenly drawn back to her childhood home of Wisconsin, where USA Today has just announced in a colorful pie chart that the people there are the only ones in the country who are fatter and drinking beer than they were ten years ago Bull delights in taking aim at all the celebrities who ve crossed her path as a journalist, tossing their worst moments into the stories wherever they help Wise, funny, and enlightening in spite of itself, Blue Jelly argues that depression, when it sends you off on adventures like these, is very good for the soul Plus, there are 15 real canning recipes.

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    One thought on “Blue Jelly: Love Lost & the Lessons of Canning”

    1. Bull's depression drove her to jelly. Yes, the love of her life left her and as she tries one lame therapy or technique after another, we learn that there is a string of ruined relationships. She leaves the details of the failed relationship to our imagination. We just know she hates her life at this point. Canning and preserving is her means back to some semblance of normalcy. Each chapter ends with a jelly or jam or pickle recipe that somewhat illustrates the theme of the chapter. Don't dismis [...]

    2. Very entertaining! Following a bad breakup, the details of which are never fully revealed, the author turns to canning and travel to lift her spirits. Even the recipes, included at the end of each chapter, are entertaining to read, as the author embellishes the instructions somewhat with memories or comments.

    3. Martha Stewart meets Cameron Crowe. A novel approach to "getting over the ex" and this genre. Light, funny and educational.

    4. So somehow, when my dating life finally seems to be going well (really well - can you see my smile from there?), I find these great books like Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair that deal with break-ups. I think there’s something to this - maybe I can just hear what these books have to say now. In any case, they’re great.And I just finished another wonderful one - Blue Jelly by Debby Bull. I will admit that it’s not the best writing I’ve ever read - at times, Bull loses me complete [...]

    5. I recently obtained an enormous selection of audiobooks in MP3 format from a company in England called Audiobooksforfree. They insert very short little promos at the beginning of each chapter, and that’s how they are able to supply these books for free. They can be downloaded off the Internet or obtained in bulk. Of course, one takes the risk of getting crud or worse, abridged titles, but they are free.I was poking around through the selections and stumbled on this little gem. Even though it [...]

    6. A fabulously quick read. If David Sedaris had been a female with a canning obsession, he would have written a book like this. I love her smooth easy style of writing. It's very conversational and to the point. Make sure to read the fine print of the recipes or you'll miss out on some very funny commentary and tips. I think only people who have a)ever been depressed and b)canned and c)wondered why everyone else seems to be married and with kids will get the dark honest humor of this book. If I co [...]

    7. I read this book in one sitting. I love when people write from a place of complete vulnerability and honesty, and especially when they do it with humor, and that's exactly what this author did. Plus she really makes you want to learn how to make jam!

    8. I reread this book every couple of years. It makes me laugh out loud, and Debby Bull has a completely fresh, Generation X (I think) voice.Definitely a book for women.

    9. I read this book a couple of years ago. I remember loving it. I should read it again sometime. I also remember that it had some great/unique jelly recipes.

    10. 144 pages, super short but sweet. Great advicewhen everything around you is crashing down and you can't control anything, find a little world that you can be the ruler of. Now I want to do some canning with my mama.

    11. I'm a sucker for cooking as a metaphor, and in no other book have I run across it more than in this one. A wonderful laugh-at, laugh-along book, and a quick read. I read the entire thing, 144 short pages, on a walk through a ravine, and just enough up a hill to snatch a bunch of wild green grapes from the backyard of a sunflower miser, while a hawk floated lazily overhead to remind me that life can be light and breezy.Crab Apple Jelly: "Add the sugar to the boiling juice, stir to dissolve it, an [...]

    12. I read this a few months ago when I was attempting to recover from a horrible break-up. I didn't know at the time that it was about to get much, much worse. Back to the point, it was a decent book. I was hoping to get some single, I-just-lost-the-love-of-my-life-and-my-whole-future inspiration. That didn't really happen. What did happen was I convinced myself that I would start to can stuff, too! It would be a terrific distraction and I could enjoy my work all year long. It was a nice dream for [...]

    13. Yes, like you, I only heard about this book from the April 2013 issue of Real Simple magazine. But it is seriously sooooo good. Debby Bull recounts the pain of her breakup while teaching herself how to make jelly. I know how odd it sounds, but it's an amazing, inspiring book. I plan to give this to a recently divorced friend It's pee-your-pants funny - right in the middle of a scene that has me weeping - and the jelly & canning recipes, while they don't appeal to me, have basic and true life [...]

    14. Blue Jelly is a really cute novel and an easy read. I can't say it's awe inspiring or life altering but it's a good story about a woman who's dumped by her boyfriend that she's been supporting for years while he wrote his novel. Jelly making became her hobby to try and get her ex off of her mind and it worked!When I went throught a major break up, I went on a semi permanent retreat! I moved out to the country. I was surrounded by a pasture of horses, cows and chickens! I believe it helped. Somet [...]

    15. I picked this book up at a garage sale. It is a quirky, fun to read book about the end of a romantic relationship and how the author distracts herself by canning. It seems she cans everything you can possibly think of and she is very good at it. I can't say I ever laughed out loud but I was highly amused by some of the situations she found herself in and the way she described canning as though it was her drug of choice. I thought it was a pleasant read and hope she's found someone who deserves h [...]

    16. Blah blah blah, whine, whine, whine. Granted, I have not had a breakup in a very long time, but if I did, would I go to countless seminars and retreats to recover? No. So, that was annoying. The redeeming quality of this book was that you can tell Debby Bull is an author, and an accomplished writer, in SOME sentences. There are some sentences that are written so exceptionally well that it made it worth my time to read to the end.

    17. The jist of this one is a depressed woman who has relationship issues uses canning as a way to distract herself or heal. Each chapter is named for a canned food and there is a recipe for jams, Jelly's and picked foods at the end of of each chapter. Cute idea but choppy and disconnected writing style made me confused a number of times. Just a so-so read. Eh.

    18. Funny, hopeful, close to the heart imaginative feel good book with a few excellent canning recipes. I love this book about working yourself through the grief of a love that has been lost, picking yourself up from the kitchen floor where you laid crying and finding new ground to build yourself up. Laughing out loud funny.

    19. The author goes through a break-up and spends many months in different therapies trying to determine what went wrong. Each month, when she returns from the latest therapy failure, she can what grew in her garden while she was gone. This is a quick read, and is entertaining. It also contains recipes for what she cans.

    20. A short read. Essays on heartache, with canning recipes long before canning was cool. (Published in 1997.) Because she used to be an editor at Rolling Stone, there are tons of great rock star aphorisms throughout. I'm copying her recipes for dandelion jelly (there are TONS of blossoms in my yard this week!) and blueberry butter.

    21. I love reading about food, its so non-caloric! This is a funny, short read from a very enjoyable author who finds her way out of heartbreak and depression by canning fruit. The recipes are interwoven hilariously with the narrative and vice versa. Would recommend, would hunt for more by this author.

    22. This is a short, fun read for anyone who is nursing a broken heart and/or wants to learn about the joys of canning (it even includes canning recipes!). Since this author also wrote for Rolling Stone, this book is interlaced with interesting anecdotes about her interviews with famous and not-so-famous people.

    23. Super easy, super fast read. It follows the author's journey through the heartache of a break-up through her adventures in canning. It's actually pretty funny, although at some points I thought she herself was a bit nuts. Each chapter ends in a canning recipe and the funniest part is the end "Better than Botulism"

    24. I loved this book. The lesson here is that a well developed sense of humor will get you through life! I love this woman! Her recipes are great too! Ladies, the second lesson you need to learn here is if your birthday present from HIM is a packet of perfume leaflets torn out of women's magazines, it is time to quickly become the dumper before becoming the dumpee!

    25. I enjoyed this book and think my friend Cynthia who appears to only read nonfiction, would too. It is all about how the author overcame break-up by making jelly and traveling. She found lots of life lessons in her jelly making and her travels.

    26. What a delightful lunch hour read. I thought I may gain an interest in canning after reading this, but no worries; what a laborious process. Do make sure you skim through the recipes though, as she puts anecdotes in the middle of the recipes sometimes.

    27. Autobiographical journey of a women's loosing at love, going through conventional therapy but finding salvation and sanity through the making of jelly. Each chapter has a jelly or canned recipe. Humorous, tender and wonderfully fun to read.

    28. I liked this book! It was an interesting look at her way back from depression through canning. The food also sounded delicious, although I'm not sure I'm up for the canning (I don't have much fresh fruit here, sigh). Has anyone tried any of these recipes?

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